Long Island

HVAC Installation throughout Long Island & Suffolk County, NY

Those living on Long Island can tell you they experience a wide range of weather patterns, from hot and humid to dark and stormy. Since they live in an area that experiences the highs and lows of all the seasons, they make sure to have a trusted HVAC contractor on call. Jen Air Inc. provides HVAC installation and repair services to all of their Long Island customers. Whether you are a residential customer needing to install a brand new HVAC system, or a commercial customer looking to upgrade, we can help you.

Jen Air Inc. will work with you to find the best HVAC equipment for your situation. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, only to realize after the HVAC installation it's not the right choice. We'll assess your home or business and find the right products to install. It's crucial that the system can properly direct air flow in your space. We don't treat HVAC installations like common place appliances. Each and every HVAC system is carefully selected and installed.

Air Conditioning Repair

We know how hot it can get and nobody enjoys a hundred-degree day with high humidity, unless you're at the beach, of course! However, if you're stuck at home with no air conditioning, it can be brutal to live through. If your AC system suddenly broke down, or is in need of repair, you can rely on the contractors at Jen Air Inc. for prompt air conditioning repair. We've worked with many AC systems before, and know when it's time for an AC repair or replacement.

Heating Repair

Never go without heat in the winter, bottom line. No matter how frustrating dealing with your heating system may be, it's crucial to have an HVAC contractor on call for assistance. Winters in New York can be difficult, with temperatures dropping to below zero. If your furnace or other heating component is broken, you need to call Jen Air Inc. for heating repair. We'll correct the problem promptly and at an affordable cost. We are here for our customers, through thick and thin.
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